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*actual value updated every 10 minutes.

Why WOWcall?

WowCall is committed to bringing you the lowest international call rates on the Internet by actively comparing our rates list with our competition. If our rates are not the lowest in the market, let us know!

Lowest Day Rates
- We are committed to bringing our members the lowest rates possible, our rates are updated daily to match the competition so our members can rest assured that they are receiving the best possible rates to their international destinations.

Live Customer Support
- We believe that customer support should be done directly without the use of online forms and emails. Every member can reach a live customer support agent by simply dialing ‘888′ from their account, and best of all, its Free!

Online Call History, Free SMS sender and Contact list
- We bring to our members a feature-rich online account portal where customers can send and receive calls, send SMS, sort their contacts plus more!

Fair Pricing strategy
- We follow a "Fair Pricing Strategy" and that is our commitment. All calls are charged in 1-minute increments with no over-hyped special offers, no service charges, no connection charges and no additional charges whatsoever.

Live customer support
- We are one of the only VoIP telephony company to offer live customer support directly from your Dialer by simply dialing ‘888′ you are able to speak to a customer service directly. What does that mean to you? If by any chance you experience a bad quality call or feel like you have lost talk time, a customer representative will be there to assist and refund you! All this for free!

sign up for free!
- That means download the dialer, sign up, experience our customer portal and features, even call our customer service if you have any doubt before your purchase!